Sunday, February 22, 2015

Haiti Backpacks

Teaching 6th graders is one of the highlights of my life right now. I love them! I love American 6th graders. I love Haitian 6th graders. Hopefully next year I can proudly claim- "I love my OWN 6th grader!!!"…. (How is it possible that Elli is almost a 6th grader???)

But, I will fully admit that sometimes I just want to shake them!

I wanna shake up the USA 6th graders. Show them that they can change the world… that teenagers across the globe can and are changing the world and they can be part of the party. I point out teenagers on Channel 1 that are changing the world. I make them read and write about teenagers that are making the world better. I get kind of bossy and make them tell me WHY I am pointing out a particular person- "Because they are a teenager Mrs. Baker and teenagers can change the world." Call it brainwashing- or call it reality.

I want my 6th graders to find the kind of friends that I found in middle school- friends that sang Christmas carols at the nursing home and served at the soup kitchen. We served others but had an awesome time becoming teenagers and celebrating life together. I had the kind of friends that you dream about for your kids. I have a high standard for my own 4 kids friends because I was part of such an incredible group of people that are truly brag worthy.

I love that my 6th graders are JUST beginning to explore careers-- so many options for either gender-- and so many ways here in America to dream big and grab the degree/certification to make it happen. So. Many. Ways. Free public education with bussing and food and class size amendments. (I know not every classroom in America is perfect--- but when you travel around the world and see the reality for millions of school children without free education/bussing/food/teachers etc…. you know you don't have much to complain about.)

But yet I have seen. I have witnessed. And once you know- you know. I know what it's like to have the best teachers, the best friends, the best technology, the best packed school lunch ever… (thank you Mom and Dad for the capri suns, cool ranch Doritos, Pizza Rolls and Totino pizza hookup and for my high school and middle school to have microwaves. My lunch ROCKED!!!)

But now I am parenting children who didn't have the proper early childhood toys, communication, and development. I have seen what living in an orphanage with no toys does to fine and gross motor skills. I have lived through the hell of fixing bodies filled with parasites. (Yes- that is a proper description)….

I have seen with my own 2 eyes what it looks like to walk to school through the mountain cliffs for 2 hours… and then walk home for 2 hours… and then walk to the water source for your family, pets, and crops. And you may or may not have had a lunch or parasite filled water to drink. But you walk anyway. You walk to school for a chance to cram in a desk-in a building with no electricity- to orally practice your education in an overcrowded classroom.
Here they are- walking down the mountain to school... Ignore my dirty hand!) 
I want to shake my 6th grade Haitian friends and say:

- WOW! You did it! You could have SO easily dropped out like so many others. Your parents need you to farm, to fetch water, to take care of the burning fire for meal prep. I can't imagine how hard it was to walk that path every day. To have the cherished school uniform shirt passed down and mended over and over…and it really doesn't fit anymore. You learned so much by daylight hours with minimal resources. You are stronger and braver than me. But-- keep going! Find a way! I know it seems completely impossible to carry on-- and in reality- I am sure it is. But will you promise me you will try? You will try to have a dream-- and try to find a way to live out that dream? Will you make good choices about boys/girls/friends? I beg you to have high standards and to not compromise. Will you ask God what your purpose and destiny is? Will you challenge yourself to take the take the next step to higher education?

Here's the deal- 6th grade is the end for most of my Haitian 6th grade friends. To continue on, they must go into the city (4 hour drive away-- but most will walk)and live without their family to continue on with secondary education. These are poor peasant farming families. But- if that spark (see my last post on Haiti) is still there--- it might be possible!

I need your help. I have been asked to help coordinate 17 backpacks. There are 8 boys and 9 girls in the 6th grade class that I taught art at in Haiti. Preperations are being made for their graduation this spring. This is it! This is the time to continue to inspire them and for them to see that it will be worth it to find a way! I dream along side of CPI Haiti that one day a secondary education chance will be housed with the elementary--- but that day is not here yet. CPI Haiti would like to gift each one a backpack full of supplies to continue the journey. That 6th grade graduation doesn't have to be the end--- but just the beginning.

I asked a few of my friends and family to do this project for me this past fall. And it was AWESOME! We passed out backpacks to the top 3 students in each grade level. Being part of this mini-ceremony in each class was one of my favorite parts of the trip. So- I am asking you again. And I need a few more friends/family to help me. I need 17 school supply filled backpacks by the middle of March. Who wants to help?

Please use the link below to commit to a backpack- or 2- or 17! :)

Sign Up Here!

Thanks for helping me spread sunshine! This is FUN!

P.S. Just to warn you now- I am dreaming about how to make yellow gingham uniform shirts and help fund the adult literacy program next…. more blog dream post coming up after the move!



  1. We still want to do this with you! Please contact me and we will get it to you asap!!!