Sunday, February 22, 2015

Book Club Recap: Unbroken

First let me recap (since I deleted my original blog…. sniff sniff…) why I even do book club:

1. I love books and after every book I read I go, "Man, I wish I could talk to someone about this book right now!"

2. I don't take being a literate female for granted. Remember this picture from Haiti?
It was one of the few times I cried in Haiti--- illiterate adults learning vowels after the school was dismissed. This scene has been heavy on my heart since I returned and I am asking God to show me how I can financially contribute to the continuation of this program. One day, I would love to host a Jenntage book club with them!

3. I love to throw parties! Throwing birthday parties for my daughters was one of the highlights of creativity for me while they were growing up. It allowed me to be "me" and to not loose my creativity when motherhood felt so overwhelming while still being a full time teacher. However… once we became a "tribe"…and I had 3 year old triplets with an older sister under my wing-- party planning began to feel overwhelming. I "retired" from Baker Birthday Parties after Caden and Lillian each had an official "Jenn Baker themed birthday party"… which is a whole other post! (To this day- birthdays are a highlight of Lillian's life!!!! It makes me super sad to think of all of the children and orphans around the world who never get celebrated around the world…. which also leads me to another blog post and my vision of "Jenntage Jubilees" on my life bucket list… anywhoo--- back to book club recap!

4. I love to make desserts and serve warm drinks!

5. Being the children's pastor at my church, I don't go to "big church" and have much fellowship time with my church family. I know that I need the encouragement, fellowship, accountability, and the desire to grow as a Christian--- so I create those moments for myself by hosting book clubs and crafts nights. Selfish- maybe… needed? YES!

6. Besides being open to the ladies of my church, I love hosting women from Lakeland and surrounding area. Polk county may get a bad rap on the news- but I think some of the most genuine- caring- giving ladies live in my community. I want to share life with them-learn from them- and be inspired by them! I often say/think- "Lakeland is Love" because I see and feel the love to often myself. Those are my reasons! Unbroken Book Club was probably one of the best ones yet. Yes, I always say that… but each time we gather and share- it is just magical. I have been part of some pretty awesome book club nights and they have literally changed my life, my heart, and my outlook. Unbroken was no different! I had prepared some "googled" discussion questions (always a great place to start-- don't reinvent the wheel!) but I hardly used them because the conversation and discussion was so natural. Or maybe the buttermilk pie kept us begging for more discussion to allow time for another piece????

And 2 months later- I am wrapping up this unfinished blog post for a book club update!

- February book club was canceled because of the craziness involved with the selling and buying of our house. Everything was supposed to happen last week- but it looks like Tuesday is the big day for our farmhouse dream that I have been mentally planning in my head for years but never thought it would happen. You just never know where those interest boards will take you… :)

- So--- March 12- 7:30 PM at my NEW house... (Text me for the address) is our next Jenntage Book Club. We will be discussing Orphan Train. Please bring antibiotic cream or EMLA (numbing cream) donations for Sole Hope. I am collecting different needed items each month during book club to help at their Ugandan Jigger Clinic. I would LOVE to host you-- come come come! I can be bribed to make more buttermilk pie!

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